The testing by print quality in accordance with the offset printing process standard is divided into two main categories or four testing categories: 


Pre-press and printing


Pre-press: In the pre-press, a distinction is made between data handling with colour management and the proof parameter


Printing: This branch is divided into platemaking and setting up print jobs with the corresponding production run.


1.  Data handling & colour management


In data handling, you must be able to demonstrate that you are able to accept the supplied data and check it, correct it and prepare it in print-friendly manner. Furthermore the creation of printable PDF files is expected.


In colour management you must demonstrate that you can successfully deal with ICC colour profiles, you have understood the principles of colour management and can implement these successfully. In addition we require a profiled monitor and suitable framework conditions.


2.  Proof


You can demonstrate that you can create a colour-accurate print simulation on all five paper types and that you can metrologically prove its colour accuracy.


3.  Platemaking


You are able to illustrate print forms equipped with appropriate control mechanisms, and verify these visually or metrologically using suitable measuring devices. 


4.  Setting up print jobs & production run


You can demonstrate that you can set up OK sheets within a certain time frame, which are within the permissible deviation tolerances of ISO 12647 and the offset printing process standard.


In a production run with a print of at least 3,000 sheets in sheet offset printing or 6,000 rollovers in web offset printing, you can prove that machine-related fluctuations are within the permissible tolerances of ISO 12647 or the offset printing process standard.


In the event of a positive test result you will receive the test report as a written printout and also as a PDF file. You will also receive a certification logo, which will be made freely available to you. You can use this, for example, in letterheads on your company stationery or as a promotional logo on your own homepage. What’s more, you will also receive a certificate which is valid for a period of 24 months. All of the tested parameters will be listed on the certificate.