print quality...

…is a service and certification company founded by former Fogra employee Rafael Skoczowski.


print quality supports companies in the printing and media industry in the introduction and implementation of normal standards throughout their entire process chain. We offer you a wide range of services at fair prices, starting with company checks and the potential completion of a certification in offset printing.


With a certification under PSO or Premium PSO, your printing house can stand out from other printing companies and guarantee your customers the highest, standardised print quality based on clearly defined quality standards. In the PSO & Premium PSO package an incorporation of all your staff involved in the standardisation concept takes place first in the form of a training course and practical workshops, followed by an independent certification audit.


This allows you to convince your customers that your printing house understands the technical expertise of the standardisation concept and that it implements this every day in practice. Your customers will be fascinated by the quality of the printed products and at the same time, you will avoid errors and therefore increase your profits.



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