PSO / Premium PSO package

In the PSO package, print quality offers you a one or two-day training measure for all of your employees involved in the standardisation concept, e.g. employees in pre-press, plate exposure and offset printers, with subsequent certification under PSO or Premium PSO on the following day.


With this measure, we want to ensure that the expertise in all departments is demonstrated, applied and implemented on a daily basis. By means of active engagement, your employees will be trained in both theory and practice. All work processes in your printing house will be critically analysed and evaluated in accordance with official ISO requirements. By using various test forms, proofs for multiple printing conditions and printing press prints will be created and then judged metrologically. The application of the correct measurement technology is ensured together with the participants. The emphases include colour management, constant print plate illustration, the correct measurement technology, printing press configuration and regular process controls.


It can therefore be sustainably guaranteed that the offset printing process standard can also be implemented in your printing house on a daily basis by all employees following the certification.


This sustainably increases your efficiency and your quality, starting from receipt of the data and concluding with a PSO or Premium PSO compliant printed product.


The advantages offered by the PSO or Premium PSO package:

  • Increase in the expertise of all involved employees
  • Standardised work processes in all departments
  • All processes are analysed immediately
  • Optimisation possibilities can be implemented immediately
  • Verifiable, exceptional quality of your printed products

You can find more details and information about the PSO or Premium PSO package here.