About us

print quality is a service and certification company founded by former Fogra employee Rafael Skoczowski.


In Fogra, (Research Institute for Printing), Rafael Skoczowski acquired, amongst other things, the expertise required for certification in accordance with the offset printing process standard and put this into practice in several dozen printing houses. After launching print quality, Mr Skoczowski also successfully completed a seminar for certification experts by the ugra institute in Switzerland. The advantages of both of the institutes could therefore be integrated in the print quality certification programme.


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print quality certifications and a few examples of former certificate presentations for audits under PSO / ISO 12647 can be viewed here.


In addition, he was responsible for the calibration of in-house CtP systems, monitoring top-quality standardised printed products and processing various research projects for years at Fogra. To round off his range of activities, he also held specialist lectures in seminars and at meetings of the technical advisory boards. Prior to joining Fogra Rafael Skoczowski trained as a flat-screen printer / offset printer in the Rhine/Main area and then completed further training as a certified print and media technician at the technical college in Munich.


print quality focusses on the introduction and implementation of normal standards in offset printing throughout the entire process chain. Starting with an initial company check, followed by possible consultations, the focus is on offering certifications under ISO 12647, which is compliant with the offset printing process standard (PSO). For companies which have since understood and implemented the standardisation concept, we offer a test with the new Premium PSO. This includes tighter tolerances than those required in the standard. These are required in practice by the automotive industry or by pharmaceutical manufacturers among others.


Other services include the introduction of practice-oriented process optimisations in accordance with the applicable ISO standards, as well as suitable quality-assurance measures for the printing house. This covers CtP quality-control procedures, the establishment of standardised proof systems as well as a constant fountain solution management in the printing press across the print format. Printing press certifications are performed together with our expert partners. We will gladly also pass on our expertise through technical advice or seminars compiled especially for you as a training measure.


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