The advantages of certification under the offset printing process standard can be sorted into three categories. You can gain significant profits for your company, your technology and your customers.


Advantages for the company:

  • Your printed products correspond to a clearly defined quality standard, with which you can achieve a high degree of production security for you and your customers.
  • Qualitatively insufficient or incorrect data can be identified in standardised testing procedures in the pre-press stage and the customer can therefore be informed specifically of this. The competence of your company and its public image is guaranteed.
  • Proofs and print sheets can be coordinated with existing profiles. A good proof-print comparison is provided.
  • Quality can be demonstrated by means of appropriate control mechanisms and measurements.
  • Important marketing argument for your company.


Advantages for technology:

  • Clearly defined work steps and affiliations in the respective departments.
  • This ensures a smooth workflow and a significant reduction in the error rate.
  • Less effort spent on corrections, and lower production costs as a result.
  • Consistent quality for repeat orders.
  • Uniform basic settings in the application programme (e.g. Photoshop).
  • Distinctive monitors, colour-accurate test printer, optimal printing press processes.


Advantages for customers:

  • Higher quality assurance, greater punctuality.
  • Consistent quality for repeat orders.
  • Same colour rendering for different print orders of a product (e.g. a product spread across various printing presses).
  • Less time spent on print approvals on site.