The costs vary depending on the printing process, be it sheet offset and/or web offset printing, and also depending on the number of employees at your company:


For small businesses with up to ten employees, we offer special discounts on very favourable terms. Medium-sized businesses with up to 30 employees also benefit from reduced certification costs and receive a discount of 20% on the regular price of certification.


If the test is passed, no additional costs will be incurred within 24 months. After two years, the test can be repeated in its entirety. No membership fees are charged. Likewise, there is no need for a paid interim test after a year, as the certificate is valid for two years.


At the request of the printing house, another test form can be requested after one year. The printed items are then evaluated by print quality free of charge.


If the test is not passed, the certification must be repeated at the full price. If only a small area (OK sheet) is slightly over the prescribed, permissible tolerances (max. 1% above the tolerance of the standard / PSO) it will be sufficient to send us new OK sheets. We consistently charge a small fee for the evaluation. Only in this exceptional case will we not travel to the printing house again.


All prices are excluding statutory VAT and incurred travel costs.


We will gladly send you our current price list. Please use our contact form for this, or send us an email to: