Test procedure

1st step: Preparatory work in your printing house


You must ensure in advance that your proofs and your printed products are within the permissible tolerances of ISO 12647. You have the required measuring devices for process control and your employees have the necessary expertise for their areas of activity. Will be happy to help you here with our company check or special consultations.


2nd step: Contacting print quality & registration


After you have made contact, we will arrange a certification date on which the test will be performed at your printing house. You will then be sent two certification agreements. You must sign one of these and return it to us. After receipt of the agreement, approximately 2 – 3 weeks before the certification date we will send the required documentation in the form of a preliminary job to be tackled and a test form to be printed.


3rd step: Preliminary assessment phase


You will now have at least two weeks in advance to tackle the preliminary jobs and to print the test form. Printing houses without a preliminary test will receive a printable test form in PDF format. You should ensure that your dot gains and your colour locations are within the permissible tolerances. Otherwise, you should make adjustments to the RIP of your CtP system and print again. This procedure should be repeated until the desired result is achieved.


4th step: On-site testing


The day of the test will start with an introductory discussion with those responsible for the relevant departments. After this, all parameters from the pre-press to the final result will be checked in the print room. For more information please visit this website.


5th step: After the audit


We will evaluate your print documents within a week to determine whether they are within the permissible tolerances of ISO 12647. You will then receive your result by telephone. In addition, you will receive our invoice for the certification costs. If the result is positive, you will receive the PSO certificate in A3 format after payment of the fees. You will also receive our evaluated measurement protocol and the seal, which you can use on your homepage or in letterheads, for example.


6th step: Interim test after one year


After one calendar year, another test form can be requested on a voluntary basis. If requested by you, this will be evaluated by print quality free of charge. In the “Premium PSO” test, a review of your processes on site is mandatory. However, apart from the travel costs incurred, this test is also free of charge for your company.


7th step: After two years...


… certifications must repeated in their entirety. After demonstrably improving their print quality under ISO 12647, printing houses can now take the innovative “Premium PSO” test without any stress, which entails even tighter tolerances.