Premium PSO testing

The certification test is analogous to the certification under ISO 12647 (PSO). However, tighter tolerances apply for the granting of the special Premium PSO certificate, which are listed on the following page.


In order to be able to present a lasting proof of quality to customers, a review is required after a year in this concept. A print quality employee will travel out to the printing house for this and check the compliance with the tighter tolerances once again on the basis of a reprint. The testing and evaluation after twelve months is free of charge for you! 


In order to guarantee customers exceptional quality over a longer period of time, the printing house undertakes to repeat the test in full after 24 months. Customers and agencies are therefore given a guarantee that your printing house is always on the cutting edge of technology and is always capable of producing sophisticated printed products at the highest level of quality.


In the event of a positive Premium PSO test result, you will also receive a test report as a written print-out and also as a PDF file. You will also receive a certification logo in accordance with Premium PSO, which will be made freely available to you. What’s more, you will also receive a certificate in accordance with Premium PSO which is valid for a period of 24 months. All of the tested parameters will be listed on the certificate, and the special feature of the tighter tolerances will also be indicated.