Additional Module: Live-PSO & Live-Premium-PSO

The additional option for PSO or Premium-PSO certification by print quality makes it possible for you to present a proven and protocolled production of your offset printing assignments. On the one hand, you can guarantee process security within your company. On the other, you can prove to your customers and other printing agencies that you allow your printing tasks to be independently inspected at regular intervals. In this way, you can be sure that your company lives by and implements the offset printing process standards every day.


How does Live-PSO & Live-Premium-PSO work?


You receive a halftone wedge from us in advance, which you place onto your printing plate. Should this not be possible for space reasons, a print control strip is also sufficient. You independently send us three printed sheets of your practical assignments at regular intervals, which are tested for tone value (40 % & 80 % mid-tone patches), spreading, full-tone spots of primary and secondary colours and paper whiteness. A measurement protocol is issued and sent to you via email.


It is stated on the certificate that you were assessed according to PSO / Premium-PSO standards at regular intervals, during the period of validity of the certificate. This guarantees your customers the highest quality standards.


What happens when my values are outside of tolerance limits?


If this proves to be the case, you must send us new sheets following your internal adjustment as soon as possible, which fulfil the required criteria. One re-measurement is free-of-charge per specified time period. If the values still fall outside of the limits of tolerance at the second measurement, a fee of € 100 shall be charged to the printer for the third assessment and for any assessment thereafter.


Which options are possible and which costs are incurred?


  • Monthly assessment within your 24 month period of validity
  • Quarterly assessment within your 24 month period of validity
  • Biannual assessment within your 24 month period of validity


The entitlement to a free-of-charge intermediate assessment after one year with a separate test form remains unaffected.


What are the advantages for you and your customers?


  • Regular PSO / Premium-PSO certification
  • Attractive for customers
  • Reference to the certification document
  • No additional machine costs
  • Increased credibility
  • Competitive advantages
  • Neutral assessment
  • No additional paper costs
  • Highest quality standards


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