Proof certification

print quality can offer you a small certification to certify that you are able to produce colour-accurate proofs in accordance with ISO 12647-7.


If you are interested, please contact us. We will promptly send you the test form to be proofed. You must comply with the tolerances that are measured in the ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3. A properly displayed status line is also required. 


This must contain at least:

  • Label of proof system
  • Colouring agent (which toner or which ink)
  • Substrate
  • Printing condition to be simulated (e.g. FOGRA39, i.e. offset printing in accordance with ISO 12647-2, PT 1/2, 60 grid)
  • Colour management profiles
  • Time and date of printing


The following tolerances must be adhered to under ISO 12647-7 or Premium PSO:


Deviation tolerances
(Target value – proof)
ISO 12647-7
Substrate – paper white simulation Max. ΔE= 3 Max. ΔE= 2,5
Average of all fields Max. ΔE= 3 Max. ΔE= 2,5
Maximum of all fields Max. ΔE= 6 Max. ΔE= 5
Maximum primary colours Max. ΔE= 5 Max. ΔE= 4
Hue distance primary colours Max. ΔH= 2,5 Max. ΔH= 2,2
Hue distance medium grey patches Max. ΔH= 1,5 Max. ΔH= 1,3


You can obtain a special offer on request.