CtP Certification

We can offer you a CtP certification in accordance with bvdm [German Printing and Media Industries Federation]/Fogra guidelines.


The constructed CtP certification test is performed based on a fixed CtP certification guide in accordance with bvdm/Fogra. The quality tests/criteria described therein are determined by established standards and internationally accepted norms.
The tests and adjustments are carried out with special CtP certification test forms and calibrated measuring devices. The proof of quality is documented by print quality by means of a certification test report and a certificate.


The CtP certification test includes the following and more:

  • Testing of climatic conditions
  • Storage of material
  • Testing of the associated workflow
  • Adjustment of the platesetter with regard to intensity and focussing of the laser beam on the printing plate used.
  • Transfer quality based on digital control mechanisms
  • Consistency of the exposure across the format
  • Testing of the transfer quality
  • Recording of the plate throughput
  • Testing of the mechanical properties of the platesetter such as: Register accuracy including plate changing (repetitive accuracy) 


The test concept also includes:

  • Complete documentation of the test parameters and device configuration
  • Quality-assurance measures in the area of printing plate manufacture
  • Testing of the development unit
  • Metrological determination of the transfer characteristic from the dataset to the print form
  • Creation and implementation of an adjustment characteristic (look-up table)
  • Testing and ensuring the desired tonal transfer 


Additional options:

  • Banding test in the exposure of NP screens (including printing)
  • Print adjustment in accordance with ISO 12647-2 standard or PSO 


If you would like a CtP certification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to advise you and provide you with a customised offer.