The audit of digital printing is completed in one day at your site. With the relevant quality and process controls, the workflows are subjected to a test.


When checking the pre-press workflow, the data handling, colour management and production and implementation of ICC profiles are tested.


Furthermore, your digital printing system is subjected to a process control and the dependence on standardised offset printing or the acceptance of ‘house profiles’ are tested, for example for the print substrate ‘Heaven 42’.


With a digital printing test chart in SRA3 format to be prepared ready for printing following the offset printing, the coated substrates (FOGRA39 or FOGRA51) or uncoated substrates (FOGRA47 or FOGRA52) are simulated. For a printing condition selected by you, a circulation of 600 copies is to be printed. Sheets are distributed in the circulation at regular intervals to evaluate the reproducibility of your printing circulation.


To ensure a consistent printing quality during the applicability of the certificate for two years, it is necessary to carry out printing quality controls at regular intervals. Therefore, as part of this certification of digital printing all four months of further submitted print sheets are evaluated and checked for their reproducibility.