Do you always have to carry out a calibration of your current measuring device? No – verify your spectrophotometer at a low cost with print quality.


Of course, a verification is no substitute for a calibration of your device. However, it allows you to have your measuring device checked to see whether a calibration is necessary. You can therefore save time and determine when to carry out a calibration for yourself. A calibration usually takes several working days and costs around €500.00. We usually put the spectrophotometer through the preliminary check within one calendar day.


This is how it looks in practice:


Send us your measuring device, e.g. the SpectroDens from Techkon and we check whether the device measures colour-accurately or whether a calibration is necessary on the part of the manufacturer. In a very short time, you will receive a test report. For consultations or certifications, we can also check your measuring device on site at your printing house.


Measuring devices from the company Techkon GmbH are checked with a measuring plate calibrated by the manufacturer (SpectroCheck).


The cost of a verification is just € 200.00 plus the statutory VAT and the insured shipping costs incurred.