The pq company check includes a detailed analysis of weak points

in your company.

The following modules are examined closely:

Production environment
  • Policies
    • Target values and tolerances in general / PSO Premium
    • General knowledge of employees
  • Equipment
    • Measuring devices
    • Software
  • Observation conditions
  • Responsibilities within the company


  • Data handling
    • Pre-flight check
    • PDF creation
    • Colour management
    • Workflow
  • Proof
  • Computer-to-plate (CtP) systems
    • Screening
    • Tonal corrections
    • Quality assurance
Print room
  • Printing conditions
    • Printing presses
    • Substrates
  • Process control
    • Set-up
    • Calibration
    • Production run
    • Measuring technology
  • Miscellaneous
    • Finishing
    • Special colours
    • NP screening

On the basis of the pq company check individual consultations take place in a further step, targeted training can be carried out and implementation support can be given to address any vulnerabilities.


After that, there is nothing more standing in the way of a certification in offset printing by print quality. This allows you to demonstrate the excellent quality of printed products to your customers as a final step.