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Your concept in your printing house might look like this:

  • 1st expert day for a company check and initial measures based on the weakness analysis in your printing house. Suggestions for improvement for the selection of the right hardware and software. First training measures.
  • 2nd expert day for the theoretical and practical training of your employees. Workshops on the correct application of the provided test forms and evaluation files, characteristic adjustment, printing with evaluation. A possible 3rd expert day may be necessary here. Approximately 2 – 4 weeks after the first date.
  • 3rd expert day for an ISO 12647 / offset printing process standard certification or Premium PSO certification. Approx. 4-6 weeks after the first date, once you have understood and implemented the standardisation concept.
  • 4th expert day after 9 months for your interim test on site. Here, a half-day can be used at your free disposal.
  • 5th expert day for full recertification after 18 months. If the audit is completed in half a day, half a day can also be used for training or for other corporate purposes.
  • 6th expert day for the regular review after 27 months. Here too, we are gladly at your disposal, for example for the establishment of new characteristics.
  • 7th expert day is freely available to you. You suggest the topic and the date.

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